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The popularity of Poland as a country for medical tourism is growing every year. This is due to the excellent price-quality ratio: with a high level of services, Polish medical centers manage to keep affordable prices. According to international statistical services, Poland has already become one of the most attractive countries for patients from Europe, Asia and other countries, skipping the Czech Republic, Hungary and Lithuania behind. The number of foreigners visiting Poland for treatment, diagnosis or prevention is increasing annually. This is due to the developed health infrastructure and the high level of medicine. Currently, over 19,000 dental clinics, over 700 aesthetic and plastic medicine centers, and 1,700 various profile clinics are now serving medical tourists in Poland. An important role in choosing a medical institution is the availability of accreditation by the Joint Commission International: this ensures a high quality of diagnosis and treatment. The undoubted advantage of Polish medical tourism is the professional experts using innovative methods of treatment and high-tech equipment at the level of leading western clinics. This ensured high quality services in a number of medical fields:
  • Orthopedics. Since 1971, Poland began to carry out operations for sewing upper and lower limbs. At that time, such operations had no analogues in Europe. Later on, the field was developed due to autotransplantation of the fingers and toes, as well as a full range of reconstructive posttraumatic operations.
  • Sports orthopedics. Polish experts carry out the most complicated procedure of this medical field – using the balloon (kyphoplasty) in the treatment of compression fractures of the spine; also, they offer the newest method of implantation of the ankle joint.
  • Cardiology and cardiosurgery. Polish medicine reached very good results in the treatment of myocardial infarction. Many surgery units are equipped with an X-ray arm with a fully integrated operating table, which ensures aortic valve implantation, mitral valve repair, coronary stenting, and hybrid operations for aortic aneurysm and structural defects (40-year guarantee for an implanted titanium aorta valve). During the heart transplant surgery, a device is used to stimulate the organ. Doctors carry out implantation of bioresorbent stents, which completely dissolve in the human body; also, treatment and restoration of the damaged heart are carried out.
  • Otorhinolaryngology. The world Hearing Center, located 30 km from Warsaw, is award winner of national and international awards. It manages a lot of research and educational projects. The center provides diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of hearing for both Polish and foreign patients.
  • Surgery. In Poland, unique and safe operations are performed: endoscopy of heart diseases without opening the chest; use of the patient’s own tissue (prepared directly during surgery) when reconstructing the larynx with the tumor; liver transplantation of comatose HIV-infected patients.
  • Oncology. Poland offers the development and use of innovative RNA vaccines and a new generation genetic tests: DNA chip that simultaneously checks hundreds of fragments of the DNA code for the mutation.
  • Neurology. Poland introduces a method to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder and epilepsy by implanting electrodes in the brain to visualize and stimulate its work.
  • Stomatology. Poland is the second most popular country (following Hungary) in Europe for dental and surgical treatment. It offers high quality dental services at competitive prices.

The cost of medical services in Poland

Here are some figures to compare the cost of health services in Poland and other countries. (data at
Coronary by-pass surgeryUSA – $140,000Poland – $15,000
Breast implantsGermany – $7,000Poland – $3,000
Aesthetic and cosmetic medicineLithuania – $3,000Poland – $800
Eye surgeryIsrael – $3 ,000Poland – $1,000
Dental implantsUnited Kingdom – $4,000Poland – от $700

Medical tourism in Poland with EUROMED Foundation – step by step

Within the Medical Tourism project, the EUROMED Foundation for the Development of Medicine and Education has developed a number of programs in three fields:
  • Diagnostic complex. Consultations for diagnosing or checking an existing diagnosis by re-diagnosis with the participation of highly qualified medical experts.
  • Therapeutic complex. Carrying out of medical procedures according to the delivered (or available) diagnosis.
  • Health and rehabilitation complex. Therapeutic and physiotherapeutic procedures for the prevention of chronic diseases and improving the general condition of the body.
Consultants of the EUROMED Foundation for the Development of Medicine and Education will inform:
  • what medical services are available to foreign patients in the treatment and diagnostic centers in Poland;
  • what clinic to choose for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in each specific case (comparison of cost and service conditions);
  • the procedure of medical advisement;
  • what will be the treatment plan?
  • what will be the cost of diagnostics or treatment.
The Foundation also provides the following services:
  • comprehensive information and support when opening a visa;
  • assistance in completing medical records and translating the necessary documents into Polish;
  • escort to the place of treatment or diagnostics (if necessary);
  • pick-up;
  • services of an interpreter (doctor) and supervisor;
  • professional excursions;
  • consulting support in domestic matters on the territory of Poland.
To participate in the program, fill out the application form or send us an e-mail: The Foundation representatives will contact you within 24 hours.
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