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Advance Training Project

It is developed for:

  • managers of the healthcare system;
  • senior and secondary medical personnel.

The project advantages:

  • includes all kinds of medical courses, trainings, workshops;
  • allows to participate in a variety of conferences on the basis of leading Polish clinics and universities;
  • helps to develop leadership, managerial and organizational qualities through MBA courses in the conditions of financial isolation and independence of healthcare organizations as separate business projects.

The project goal

Development of professional skills and experts’ culture in all branches of the health care system (including managers), updating and improving their theoretical and practical knowledge in the face of increasing demands on the level of skills and the need to master current methods of prevention care, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

The project tasks

  • Trigger critical thinking in the scientific and practical work of a medical expert.
  • Improve management skills.
  • Transfer the experience of European experts in various fields of medicine through educational programs.
  • Encourage professional growth and development.
  • Get in contact with international of medical expert team.

How the project is implemented

The project includes a number of programs aimed at deepening and improving professional knowledge, skills and experience. These programs are based on:

  • international experience. Lectures are given by teachers with a large record of scientific work, not only in Poland, but also in other European countries;
  • rich clinical base. Work in well-developed medical centers, which unite several multi-disciplinary clinics;
  • cutting-edge equipment. Participants are introduced with new medical technologies and work with the cutting-edge equipment;
  • multidisciplinary approach to training. One educational program is introduced by different medical experts;
  • practical training. The practical and theoretical parts are closely connected and included into the training process.

It is important to remember that personal participation in the social life is guaranteed only by high level of education, as well as free and unrestricted access to knowledge, cultural values and scientific achievements.


The courses and trainings arranged by the EUROMED Foundation cover almost all fields of medicine. They are held by graduates, practicing coaches, medical experts of international level. Students are offered the following educational programs:

  • refresher courses;
  • retraining courses;
  • obtaining professional knowledge on medical practices for employment in the EU;
  • certified topic-related trainings on medical practices.
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MBA (Master of Business Administration) qualification is recognized all over the world and corresponds to the highest level of professional postgraduate education in the field of management.

The MBA course offered by the EUROMED Foundation is a unique educational program of a module type that has been developed and adapted with due consideration to the peculiarities of the local medical market, as well as the specifics of the management and reform of the healthcare system.

The program is developed for:

  • officials who hold senior positions in healthcare management departments;
  • heads of public healthcare institutions, their deputies, heads of departments and branches, structural divisions (including applicants for these positions);
  • heads of private medical institutions and department managers of private medical centers and clinics, as well as pharmaceutical companies;
  • top managers of the healthcare system.
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Participation in issue-related workshops, conferences and symposia is not only a way to rich your professional and scientific knowledge, but also an option to make acquaintances within the international medical environment. Representatives of different countries gather here to discuss scientific research and discoveries in the field of medicine. Apart from this, these are training events where participants present reports on ways to resolve the organizational and financial issues of the health care system on specific examples, and fix goals and objectives for preventing these issues in the future.

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