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Developed for medical practices (and also for chemists and pharmacists):

The program is aimed at organizing trainings in the chosen medical practice based on advanced hospitals in Poland. Within the program, participants can adopt the experience of their European colleagues, whereas their theoretical knowledge are in line with their practical application. The training passed abroad gives an advantage in employment and is an integral part of professional growth. With the above said, the training is strongly popular among students and young experts who are serious about their careers and professional development.

The advantages of the program:

  • comprehensive language training of participants (if necessary);
  • an option to agree the date of the start and duration of the trip;
  • participants do not need to be selected;
  • a wide range of practices;
  • trainings in a number of practices are possible in both Russian and English.
Each program is developed with due consideration to the individual needs of the trainee. Foreigners participate in the daily procedures of the hospital within the standard working hours. The program supposes the participation in meetings, events, etc.

Within the program of training by practice area, the participants can:

  • increase their competence and effectiveness, the quality of their work;
  • make preventive care, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of specialized patients more effective;
  • learn about the latest innovations in a specific field of medicine;
  • eliminate gaps in knowledge and improve professional qualifications;
  • pass qualitative medical practice in accordance with European standards;
  • develop optimal conditions for participation in the development of highly specialized branches of medicine at home.
At the end of the program of training by practice area, the participants receives a certificate that adds 40 points to their qualification category.

Requirement for participation in the program:

  • filling in the “Registration in the program” form on the Fund’s website;
  • interview (by Skype) to fix the level of the Polish medical language (A2 is required) or the off-campus courses of the Polish medical language within the program;
  • medical certificate on the absence of contraindications to the training or sanitary book with the relevant current records;
  • payment of the registration fee.

The registration fee includes:

  • general arrangement of the trip;
  • advice on visa issues;
  • information and documentary support when opening a visa;
  • an invitation to open a Schengen multiple entry visa for a year;
  • supervisor support (support in domestic issues on the territory of Poland);
  • interpreter services when visiting medical institutions;
  • “Old Town” excursion in Warsaw.
  • registration of medical admission to the training;
  • medical insurance within the training term;
  • consumables within the training term.
Attention! When applying for a visa, the program participants are exempt from EUR 35 compulsory consular fee.
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