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Developed for medical practices (and also for chemists and pharmacists):

The program provides the transfer of experience of European medical experts in certain fields, as well as highly specialized clinics. Participants learn in detail about the professional activities of doctors, the technical equipment of clinics and cutting-edge methods of treatment that are used there.

Polish medical experts educate through long training and practice in ultramodern hospitals throughout the EU. The most of employees regularly improve their skills, studying advanced techniques and gaining sufficient experience in their field. This is what ensures a high level of medical services in Europe.

The Foundation’s programs are an effective platform for cooperation between representatives of the European health system and specialists from other countries.

Specialization trips allow participants to learn the following:

  • how the health care system is structured in both Europe and Poland (using the example of a highly specialized clinic);
  • what standards are used in Europe for the professional competencies of physicians and paramedical personnel in specific fields;
  • what cutting-edge technologies and methods are used in a specific field of medicine for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients;
  • what are the opportunities for the development of a particular field of medicine in the post-Soviet countries?
  • what other internships and practices of focused specialization are available to foreigners in Poland.
Also, the participants can ask any questions they are interested directly to European colleagues during their visit to Poland.

At the end of the program, participants receives a certificate that adds 5 to 10 points to their qualification category.

Requirement for participation in the program: payment of the registration fee.

The registration fee includes:

  • general arrangement of the trip;
  • advice on visa issues;
  • information and documentary support when opening a visa;
  • an invitation to open a Schengen multiple entry visa for a year;
  • supervisor support (support in domestic issues on the territory of Poland);
  • interpreter services when visiting medical institutions;
  • “Old Town” excursion in Warsaw.
Attention! When applying for a visa, the program participants are exempt from EUR 35 compulsory consular fee.

The trips by practice area are arranged in the following medical institutions:

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