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Internship as a transplantologist in Poland

Transplantology is an actively developing field in medicine which requires deep knowledge of many medical disciplines and provides wide possibilities of professional self-realization, therefore the training as a transplantologist in Poland is promising. In order to better learn about the possibilities of obtaining this specialty abroad, we offer to take advantage of the Euromed Foundation opportunities and go on an information trip or the transplantologist qualification advancement in Poland.

Foundation Programs for specialty “Transplantology”

You can choose one of two areas for improving your knowledge: a program for students or practitioners. For students who are interested in the training as a transplantologist in Poland, Euromed offers information trips for several days to specialized medical institutions of the country, as well as medical practice in the summer, which will be offset at your university.

The following information is included in the trip and practice program at Polish hospitals for students:

  • how the Polish health care system operates in general;
  • how the specialized departments of hospitals in Poland are equipped;
  • what are the details of the work of Polish transplantologists;
  • possibilities of work at Polish medical universities with a degree in Transplantology;
  • possibilities of confirmation in Poland of a medical diploma obtained in the post-Soviet states.

The next area of work of the Foundation is a comprehensive assistance to the doctors working in Ukraine and other post-Soviet states who want to adapt their skills to European requirements. Specially for them, the transplantologist qualification advancement courses are held in Poland, field-specific seminars and trainings. They also take part in various scientific and practical conferences in their and related specialties.

Program for transplantologists includes:

  • Acquaintance with the work of Polish transplantologists.
  • Acquaintance with the current standards of European medicine.
  • Learning of the medical equipment and technologies involved in transplantology.
  • Structure of the Polish health care.
  • Exchange of practical knowledge with Polish colleagues.
  • Gaining the right knowledge baggage for work in the European Union.

Internship as a transplantologist in Poland – how to get there

We invite everyone who is interested in this area to leave an application on the portal. We will definitely call you back, consult in details, select a suitable program that will allow you to successfully integrate into the European Union medicine system. All the internships offered for transplantologists are conducted in certified state centers according to an individually designed program with a mentor-supervisor.

The knowledge of Polish language is not required for participation, because any program organized under our patronage involves supervision by a Euromed Foundation’s representative, who is proficient in Polish. Our supervisor and translator provides simultaneous translation during the entire program, that is why participants can both communicate with their Polish medical colleagues on general topics and master highly specialized knowledge.

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