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European Foundation for the Development of Medicine and Education

The Foundation is engaged in the development, implementation and support of Projects and programs aimed at improving the professional training of medical experts and students of medical universities in different countries: improving their skills and deepening their professional knowledge; obtaining practical knowledge from the field of managing and functioning of hospitals on the example of the European system; introducing current methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, which are used in Europe, but are not applied or poorly developed in other countries.

The Foundation implements its tasks in close cooperation with state institutions, local governments, healthcare institutions, non-governmental organizations, associations and other funds, as well as with independent international experts


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Developed for:

  • assistance to military hospitals of Ukraine in the acquisition and delivery of medicines;
  • assistance to the departments of territorial defense of Ukraine in the acquisition and delivery of military ammunition and military uniforms;
  • assistance to the city and district administrations of Ukraine in providing the population with food and essential goods;
  • providing medical assistance to refugees from Ukraine on the territory of Poland;
  • organization of adaptation courses and Polish language courses for refugees from Ukraine on the territory of Poland.

The project is being implemented in close cooperation with representatives of Ukrainian military hospitals, representatives of the military administration and territorial defense committees, as well as other government agencies, public organizations and military units of Ukraine.

Project Programs

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The Project is completed in 2019.

The project is developed for:

  • medical experts of surgery department;
    • neurosurgeons;
    • vertebro-neurologists;
    • vascular surgeons;
    • abdominal surgeons;
    • surgeons of urological segment;
    • experts of burn surgery.
  • anesthesiologists-resuscitators;
  • traumatologists and orthopedists;
  • otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists;
  • interns;
  • students of medical universities.

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Developed for:

  • doctors and chemists, nursing staff and pharmacists;
  • students of medical universities, students of secondary medical schools.

The project includes a number of programs. This is a wide-ranging and narrowly focused study trips, internships, summer and training practices in the leading hospitals and medical schools in Poland.

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Project «Advance Training»

Developed for:

  • managers of the healthcare system,
  • senior and secondary medical personnel.

The project advantages: includes all kinds of medical courses, trainings, workshops; allows to participate in a variety of conferences on the basis of leading Polish clinics and universities; helps to develop leadership, managerial and organizational qualities through MBA courses in the conditions of financial isolation and independence of healthcare organizations as separate business projects.

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Advance Training


The Project is completed in 2019.

The “Double Diploma” project is a unique educational program that allows students of medical colleges and secondary medical schools to combine their education at home with education on the basis of a European (in particular, Polish) medical school. Upon completion of the full course, participants receive state diplomas from the Republic of Poland. In addition to obvious advantages, such documents have the Europass mark, which ensures their owners reliably employment in the European Union.

The training takes place in Polish at the medical schools in Poland (Warsaw). The course includes educational and qualification programs for medical attendants:

  • Medical tutor, training period – 1 year.
  • Medical sterilization technician, training period – 1 year.

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Project «Medical Europe»

A tailor-made project that, in comparison with other similar programs, principally simplifies the employment of foreign medical experts in the EU.

The project is aimed to implement and provide its participants with the process of obtaining the right to practice in the territory of the Republic of Poland, as well as other EU countries.

The project is aimed at:

  • doctors with sufficient clinical experience;
  • interns and 2nd-rank doctors;
  • students of medical schools and colleges;
  • nurses with sufficient clinical experience;
  • graduates of medical colleges;
  • paramedics;
  • veterinarians.
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Medical Europe


The popularity of Poland as a country for medical tourism is growing every year. This is due to the excellent price-quality ratio: with a high level of services, Polish medical centers manage to keep affordable prices.

Within the Medical Tourism project, the EUROMED Foundation for the Development of Medicine and Education has developed a number of programs in three fields

  • Diagnostic complex. Consultations for diagnosing or checking an existing diagnosis by re-diagnosis with the participation of highly qualified medical experts.
  • Therapeutic complex. Carrying out of medical procedures according to the delivered (or available) diagnosis.
  • Health and rehabilitation complex. Therapeutic and physiotherapeutic procedures for the prevention of chronic diseases and improving the general condition of the body.
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