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The Medical University of Lublin


The Medical University of Lublin

The university started operating 50 years ago. Today, it offers one of the best medical training programs.

The Medical University of Lublin provides education in the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, medical care, obstetrics, health, and wellness. The current number of its students exceeds 5,500.

European Union, North America, India, Taiwan, Africa, etc. – the university has students from all over the world. Professors work with groups of no more than 10 students. Each student has the constant support and contact with his/her teacher or dean.

The lectures given by professors from the US are especially popular among the students. During these classes, they discuss the most interesting medical cases. This way the university enforces teaching methods approved in the United States. Students can also join many scientific and non-scientific associations like the Student Government, the Student Scientific Society, the International Association of Medical Students, the Community of Dental Students, the European Association of Medical Students and others.


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