Europejska Fundacja Rozwoju Medycyny i Edukacji


Developed for:

  • doctors and chemists;
  • nursing staff and pharmacists;
  • students of medical universities;
  • students of secondary medical schools.

The project includes a number of programs. This is a wide-ranging and narrowly focused study trips, internships, summer and training practices in the leading hospitals and medical schools in Poland, for senior and secondary medical personnel, students, graduates of higher and secondary medical schools in post-Soviet countries.

Project objectives

  • Introduction to doctors and nurses the conditions of work of Polish colleagues, functioning of Polish hospitals, departments, outpatient services.
  • Arrangement and holding of specialized practices and internships for medical experts and medical students to give them experience in medical and nursing work in accordance with European standards.

Tasks of the project

  • Advising participants and transferring to them foreign experience on health system reform by the example of Poland.
  • European standards to professional competencies of doctors and nurses.
  • Participation in the forming of new organizational forms of medical care, including a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Studying of new medical technologies and the work of experts on modern equipment.
  • Transfer of actual scientific and practical information on methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Informing the participants about the latest developments in diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.

How the project is implemented

The project is implemented through close cooperation with the leading wide-profile clinics in Poland, attracting highly qualified experts in the field of medicine and education, using theoretical and practical knowledge to achieve goals and solve problems.

Online support, up-to-date communication style, interesting and relevant materials – fix the high level of events arranged by the EUROMED European Foundation for the Development of Medicine and Education.


Developed for:

  • managers of the health system;
  • wide and narrow-profile medical experts;
  • junior and medium-level medical staff;
  • students and graduates of higher and secondary medical schools.

The program gives participants general knowledge of the European health care system (by the example of Poland), introduces them both advantages and disadvantages of the system of compulsory medical insurance, ways of development and upgrading of this system.

Participants will also learn the training conditions, the training procedures and the qualification stages of European medical experts: from higher and secondary medical institutions and post-graduate education centers to the training of highly specialized staff.

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Specialization trips allow participants to learn the following:

  • how the health care system is structured in both Europe and Poland (using the example of a highly specialized clinic);
  • what standards are used in Europe for the professional competencies of physicians and paramedical personnel in specific fields;
  • what cutting-edge technologies and methods are used in a specific field of medicine for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients;
  • what are the opportunities for the development of a particular field of medicine in the post-Soviet countries;
  • what other internships and practices of focused specialization are available to foreigners in Poland.

Also, the participants can ask any questions they are interested directly to European colleagues during their visit to Poland.

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Each program is developed with due consideration to the individual needs of the trainee. Foreigners participate in the daily procedures of the hospital within the standard working hours. The program supposes the participation in meetings, events, etc.

Within the program of training by practice area, the participants can:

  • increase their competence and effectiveness, the quality of their work;
  • make preventive care, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of specialized patients more effective;
  • learn about the latest innovations in a specific field of medicine;
  • eliminate gaps in knowledge and improve professional qualifications;
  • pass qualitative medical practice in accordance with European standards;
  • develop optimal conditions for participation in the development of highly specialized branches of medicine at home.
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Developed for:

  • students of higher medical schools;
  • students of secondary medical schools.

For many students of higher and secondary schools, summer is not just a time for vacation. This is an option to replenish their knowledge, improve the practical skills obtained during the school year.

Thanks to the cooperation of the EUROMED Foundation with a number of educational institutions of the former Soviet Union countries and Polish health institutions, the internship passed in the Polish clinic will be fixed as a mandatory annual summer internship for the student.

The duration and the start date of the program are fixed according to the student’s individual schedule.

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