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EUROMED Establishes International Bridges to Help Ukraine


EUROMED Establishes International Bridges to Help Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, EUROMED has been supporting people suffering from Russian military aggression, and the Help Ukraine project has been launched with the aim to help. In this regard, the EUROMEDA team addressed more than 300 public and private organizations seeking help. Americares, the USA-based organization agreed to collaborate to provide free medical care to Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

We initiated the online meeting to present our scope to the American partners. Successful negotiations followed by the grant application we submitted, which was approved on April 19. So what the collaboration implies?

From the beginning of the war, more than 3 million Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Poland. Most of them are women with children who fled the horrors of war seeking shelter. Many arrived in Poland from hot spots and feel depressed. Some have no home to return to, while some are injured.

Poland provides Ukrainian refugees with state medical insurance, but due to huge lines for doctors and the language gap, they don’t take full advantage of it. The project for free medical care assistance to Ukrainian refugees in Poland is to be launched with the support of Americares in May 2022, starting in Warsaw.

The contributors’ profiles

Americares, the USA-based foundation has been a life-saver and a medical care provider for people suffering from poverty and natural disasters for more than 40 years. The foundation strategy is to invest in local healthcare facilities close to the areas with the harmfully affected population.

Americares supports medical institutions through:

  • access to medicines and consumables;
  • development and implementation of programs for interaction between the clinic and affected residents in need of medical care;
  • regular updating of measures aimed at overcoming the consequences of natural disasters and catastrophes, as well as the implementation of innovative solutions – Innovate@Americares.

For now, Americares has shipped over 30 tons of medical and emergency supplies to 8 affiliates in Ukraine providing lists of items needed.  Deliveries are planned to continue. In addition, the Fund’s emergency response team in Poland made the first purchase of goods weighing 12.5 tons worth more than $100,000 for distribution to local affiliates.

The Help Ukraine project has been launched on March 1, 2022. Its goals are:

  • medical support to Ukrainian refugees in Poland;
  • adaptation of Ukrainian refugees in Poland;
  • collection and distribution of humanitarian supplies for the victims of Russian military aggression.
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