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Program No.2: Internships

Program No.2: Internships Duration: 5 and 10 working days. Goal: In-depth study of specific pathology by surgeons.

No. 2.1. “Military Injuries”. Internship program.

Practice field: general surgery; thoracic surgery; urologic surgery. Topics:
  • Multiplicity and combination of injuries; features of wounds of the abdominal cavity, chest organs, urinary system, kidneys; reconstructive surgery.
  • About methods of surgical treatment. Cooperation with experts from other countries.

No. 2.2. “Types of surgical interventions, implementation techniques” Internship program

Practice field: traumatology and orthopedic surgery. Topics:
  • distraction arthroplasty;
  • intramedullary blocked osteosynthesis (polystructural injuries); through bone, external fixation, intraosseous osteosynthesis (applied structure, producing countries);
  • surgical treatment for injuries of pelvic bones and other localization; burdening; criteria for patient discharge;
  • amputation of extremities (surgical practices, postoperative period, period of reparative processes, modeling of amputated stumps for efficient prosthetics);
  • signs for forwarding injured servicemen to medical and social expertise;
  • surgical treatment of posttraumatic osteoarthrosis (arthroscopy, osteotomy, total replacement of joints-endoprosthetics);
  • options of techniques and practices in the treatment of injuries.

No. 2.3. “Spine injury” Internship program

Practice field: neurosurgery, vertebrology. Topics:
  • types of damage by the arrangement of injury (including burst fracture);
  • diagnosis of fractures, fractures and dislocation of the spine of various locations;
  • spinal cord injuries: reversible and irreversible damage;
  • “compression” syndrome;
  • treatment of spine and spinal cord injuries (conservative, surgical, functional rehabilitation).

No. 2.4. “ENT organs injuries” Internship program.

Practice field: surgery of the ENT organs. Topics:
  • modification of conditions after injuries;
  • damage to the trachea, larynx, maxillary sinuses;
  • damage to the voice, ligamentous apparatus;
  • damage to the sound-conducting apparatus (acabarotrauma).
  • clinical picture, treatment, forecast, rehabilitation.
  • modification of conditions after injuries.
  • acabarotrauma (clinical picture, treatment, forecast).

No. 2. 5. “Eye Wounds” Internship program.

Practice field: ophthalmology. Topics:
  • eye injury;
  • removal of intraocular foreign body from the optical field of the eye;
  • replacement of the lens (prosthetics);
  • cornea injury;
  • surgical techniques, treatment, rehabilitation, forecast, labor expertise.

No. 2. 6. “Combustiology” Internship program.

Practice field: burn surgery. Topics:
  • methods of plastic reconstructive surgery;
  • rehabilitation of patients with extensive burns of face and trunk skin
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