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Focused courses and trainings are an additional high-grade education that guarantees the competitiveness of both the individual medical expert and the medical institution as a whole. The knowledge and skills that are included in the educational programs are based on a deep understanding of the practice, current trends in the development of a medical sector, and the development of international business and marketing. Practical teaching methods allow students to immediately apply the acquired knowledge in their professional work, as well as to employ in the territory of the European Union. The courses and trainings arranged by the EUROMED Foundation cover almost all fields of medicine. They are held by graduates, practicing coaches, medical experts of international level.

Students are offered the following educational programs:

  • refresher courses;
  • retraining courses;
  • obtaining professional knowledge on medical practices for employment in the EU;
  • certified topic-related trainings on medical practices.

The programs are aimed at:

  • postgraduate training of experts: obtaining expert knowledge, skills and habits for application in various fields of medical work;
  • improvement of knowledge, skills, and communication skills of medical experts in view of the growth of requirements for the job or promotion at work;
  • mastering new knowledge, skills, and communication skills of medical experts because of mastering a new trade or changing requirements to the value and results of work;
  • providing not only professional, but personal growth.
At the end of the course, students receive personal certificates of international standard. Requirement for participation in the program: payment of the registration fee.

The registration fee includes:

  • general arrangement of the trip;
  • advice on visa issues;
  • information and documentary support when opening a visa;
  • an invitation to open a Schengen multiple entry visa for a year;
  • supervisor support (support in domestic issues on the territory of Poland);
  • interpreter services when visiting medical institutions;
  • “Old Town” excursion in Warsaw.
Attention! When applying for a visa, the program participants are exempt from EUR 35 compulsory consular fee.

Proposed courses and trainings:

  • ANA association courses;
  • laparoscopy courses;
  • neurosurgery courses;
  • cosmetology courses;
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