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Dates: October 24–26, 2021

International Student Conference – 2021 «The EU Health System»

The participants will discover:

  • the health system structure in Europe (the case of Poland);
  • how the health insurance works, what are the benefits and deficiencies of it;
  • what is the health education in Europe (all the different stages of the education of the health technician through his or her qualification process starting from a fresher up to a certified expert in the field) and ect.
Даты проведения: 10 декабря 2020 р.

Webinar program “Simplified procedure for employment of foreign medical specialists in Poland”

Участники конференции узнают о том:

  • что такое «ограниченное право врачебной практики»?
  • упрощенная процедура трудоустройства иностранных медицинских специалистов;
  • нормативно-правовая база, регламентирующая упрощенную процедуру трудоустройства иностранных медицинских специалистов;
  • ответы на вопросы зрителей.
Date: November 05, 2020

Webinar «European Health Care System on the Example of Poland»

During the conference, participants will learn:

  • how the health care system in Europe and Poland is organized;
  • how health insurance works, its advantages and disadvantages;
  • how the development and reform of the medical sector in Poland are taking place;
  • how the system of medical education is arranged;
  • how the educational process takes place at different stages of becoming a medical specialist;

Participation in issue-related workshops, conferences and symposia is not only a way to rich your professional and scientific knowledge, but also an option to make acquaintances within the international medical environment. Representatives of different countries gather here to discuss scientific research and discoveries in the field of medicine. Apart from this, these are training events where participants present reports on ways to resolve the organizational and financial issues of the health care system on specific examples, and fix goals and objectives for preventing these issues in the future.

Goals and objectives of conferences and symposia:

  • developing a platform for communication between health experts and educators from different countries;
  • an option for scientists and educators, medical practitioners and medical managers to exchange information, knowledge and opinions on the theory and practice of medicine and public health in general, and on the methodology of education;
  • exchange of professional experience and opinions on the practice and trends of international cooperation of experts for improving the quality of medicine;
  • advance training of practicing doctors and managers;
  • assistance to experts in improving the methods of patients’ diagnosis and treatment;
  • discussion of ways and prospects of interaction of medical practice and medical education at all levels;
  • introduction to participants the results of fundamental and applied research, development and application of high technologies in medicine;
  • search for new medical effective methods and improvement of the entire treatment process due to them;
  • discussion and development of methods for enhancing the health management system;
  • discussion of the development and implementation of international standards in the field of medicine;
  • ensuring the participation of experts in international scientific programs and projects;
  • development of creative efforts of doctors in updating the healthcare system, mastering cutting-edge technologies and their implementation in the treatment process;
  • an option for participants to express their thoughts openly and share their views on the medical issues;
  • presenting of practical application of the newest ways, methods and technologies of treatment within a specific medical field.
You can see the schedule of events on the webpage “Calendar of events”.
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