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Summer internships for medical students

The program “Summer internships for medical students” developed for:

  • students of higher medical schools;
  • students of secondary medical schools.

For many students of higher and secondary schools, summer is not just a time for vacation. This is an option to replenish their knowledge, improve the practical skills obtained during the school year.

Reviews of our students about practice:

The participants of the program can spend the summer with benefit: to have feeling of European medical system and to find new acquaintances from different parts of the world, because events are held for students from dozens of countries.

Thanks to the cooperation of the EUROMED Foundation with a number of educational institutions of the former Soviet Union countries and Polish health institutions, the internship passed in the Polish clinic will be fixed as a mandatory annual summer internship for the student.

Each student participant fills in the “summer intern’s diary”, which is signed by the internship supervisor practice – a Polish doctor. At the end of the program, all participants receive a certificate of international internship as a foreign medical student. The duration and the start date of the program are fixed according to the student’s individual schedule.

Within the program, students of higher medical schools can:

  • have summer internship in one of the departments of the European hospital;
  • learn about the specifics of the Polish health system;
  • get acquainted with the structure of the medical institution and understand how it works as a single unit;
  • daily monitor the work of doctors, who are assigned to the interns, and ask them questions on the topics of interest;
  • learn about the daily duties of a doctor at a Polish hospital;
  • find out what skills a highly qualified medical expert should have;
  • assess the working conditions of a European doctor;
  • check out the specifics of medical records in Poland;
  • check out what procedures the patient runs from the registry in out-patient clinic to the hospital;
  • observe the collection of anamnesis of patients;
  • find out what methods are used to make the diagnosis and on the basis of what data is the conclusion about the patient’s state of health made;
  • learn about the integrated application of the latest practical methods and cutting-edge equipment for the prevention care, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients;
  • observe the daily procedures of the selected department of the hospital.

Within the program, students of secondary medical schools can:

  • get acquainted with the structural units of the medical institution in Poland;
  • check out what the overall care of patients looks like;
  • find out what is included in the daily duties of paramedical personnel;
  • observe the interaction of experts of higher and secondary medical level;
  • find out what documentation is maintained by the secondary medical personnel and what are the rules for filling it in;
  • check out what manipulations and procedures are performed by nurses;
  • check out the procedure and rules for obtaining, storing and giving medicines to patients.
Requirement for participation in the program: payment of the registration fee.

The registration fee includes:

  • general arrangement of the trip;
  • advice on visa issues;
  • information and documentary support when opening a visa;
  • an invitation to open a Schengen multiple entry visa for a year;
  • supervisor support (support in domestic issues on the territory of Poland);
  • interpreter services when visiting medical institutions;
  • “Old Town” excursion in Warsaw.
Attention! When applying for a visa, the program participants are exempt from EUR 35 compulsory consular fee.

The program is implemented in the following medical institutions:

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