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EU to Supply Potassium Iodide to Ukraine while It Is Under a Nuclear Threat

The city of Enerhodar, the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant is located in, has been in a focus of both Ukrainian and European attention for several weeks. The Russian forces, having rolled up major gains in the city, are shelling blocks (more…)

How Iodine Saves From the Atom?

The Potassium Iodide solution (or simply Iodine) is widely discussed at every public corner as well as in the media. The reason is the Russian president publicly throws insane threats of shelling the biggest nuclear power plant in Europe located (more…)

Poland issues passports for the Ukrainians

ID-card, as well as Ukrainian International Passport in Poland are among the biggest concerns for many when it comes to an expiration date of an available document or the first-time obtaining. After a long period of stagnation, the issuing procedures (more…)

Ukrainian children must attend the state schools of the refugee countries in the EU

The end of the summer used to be the passage from the long summer holiday to the beginning of autumn and new study year for all children going to school, making the refugee Ukrainian mothers in the EU biased towards (more…)

The First Aid Kits procured by the HELP UKRAINE! Project are Ready to Reach Out the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Any war is bloodshed, which kills, wounds, and injures people. The toll of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine opposing the rashist besiegers in the sake of the freedom and independence, is lost lives, and damaged health. The (more…)

The Values Off: the HELP UKRAINE! Project Volunteers Face Fraud Attempts

A group of scammers has committed an attempt of fraud via telephone call to Serhii Ostrovskyi from the HELP UKRAINE! Project presenting themselves as a Ukrainian charitable organization seeking for a sponsor to buy an Emergency vehicle and asking for (more…)

The Raising Issue of Ukrainian Refugees in Europe: travelling within EU and back home

Providing refuge for Ukrainians, Europe posed the issues of travelling inside it and back home. At the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion in Ukraine and temporary resettlement of Ukrainians abroad in large numbers, the Brussels’s representatives assured that Ukrainian refugees (more…)

The Vasylivka Survival Path in Zaporizhzhia: the Toll of Escaping to Freedom

The small town of Vasylivka in Zaporizhzhia region became well known even to those, who have never been there. Vasylivka has been the eye of a needle for several months as the only exit point for the community of such (more…)

The Sun to Help: Ukrainians Are Getting Prepared For a Cold Winter

Ready your sledge in the summer, a proverb says. The 2022-23 winter is expected to be one of the most challenging for Ukrainians “Due to Russian aggression, we expect the most challenging winter since the Independence”, the President Volodymyr Zelensky (more…)

We Made It! Humanitarian Aid to Those in Occupation

A new supply of humanitarian aid is ready to be shipped to Zaporizhzhia occupied region, hardly possible without prior experience of food and medicine delivery to the community of occupied city of Tokmak. Many volunteers, foundations and public organizations are (more…)
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