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The Vasylivka Survival Path in Zaporizhzhia: the Toll of Escaping to Freedom

The small town of Vasylivka in Zaporizhzhia region became well known even to those, who have never been there. Vasylivka has been the eye of a needle for several months as the only exit point for the community of such (more…)

The Sun to Help: Ukrainians Are Getting Prepared For a Cold Winter

Ready your sledge in the summer, a proverb says. The 2022-23 winter is expected to be one of the most challenging for Ukrainians “Due to Russian aggression, we expect the most challenging winter since the Independence”, the President Volodymyr Zelensky (more…)

We Made It! Humanitarian Aid to Those in Occupation

A new supply of humanitarian aid is ready to be shipped to Zaporizhzhia occupied region, hardly possible without prior experience of food and medicine delivery to the community of occupied city of Tokmak. Many volunteers, foundations and public organizations are (more…)

The dollar is beyond 40 to exchange, up 25% against hryvnia

What are the reasons for the National Bank of Ukraine to raise it and what is to expect? Within almost five months we have been witnessing war, the Ukrainian and global economy went through significant changes. The state budget revenue (more…)

Polish investors are looking for joint ventures in Ukraine

Reining the American and European investments in the 90s of the last century by Polish companies have made Poland trustworthy for the investors worldwide. According to the Polish Institute of Economics (PIE), the foreign direct investment in Poland in 2021 (more…)

Humanitarian aid delivered to the Tokmak community in Zaporizhzhia region

Most of Zaporizhzhia region, up to 60%, is controlled by Russian troops. It is about 100 settlements with their local communities in. The soldiers destroy the infrastructure of cities and villages, the buildings, facilities and manufacture. Among those communities that (more…)

YES Public Organization is a new partner of the HELP UKRAINE! Project from EUROMED

HELP UKRAINE! Project by EUROMED could hardly provide prompt charity assurance if not our partners in Ukraine. The curators of the country facing war facilitate the management and distribution of humanitarian aid to those in need. The deputy of Regional (more…)

“Ukrainian women are brave. Our physicians are heroes!”

Dr. Maria Sokur describes the daily life of the Kharkiv City Perinatal Center in war times While Russian bombs and missiles are destroying Ukrainian cities and villages, midwives and nurses, representing the noblest profession, are assisting at bringing new life (more…)

International Internships Project Introduces European medicine to physicians and students

The EUROMED Foundation commits to introduce the specifics and distinctive environment of the European healthcare system, medical technologies and innovative equipment at a facility to physicians, dentists and medical students from the post-Soviet countries, as well as encourage their prospective (more…)

EUROMED simplified employment of physicians and dentists in Poland beyond the limits.

From 2021, Poland simplified the employment of healthcare professionals who graduated outside the EU. This is a chance for doctors to break into the European labour market, get insights into the Polish healthcare system, join a team of qualified specialists (more…)
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