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The new law in motion: what shall doctors and dentists do to get entitled to start professional practice in Poland?

The step-by-step instructions have appeared on the website of the Ministry of Health of Poland, giving clarification on how a doctor employee with no language test passed and no nostrification can get a job in Poland, according to the new (more…)

Expats in Poland: the current situation in the sector of labour migration

Our information resource is intended for healthcare professionals who are interested in building a career in Poland. Nevertheless, there are often representatives of other professions in the family of a doctor, dentist or pharmacist. This means that information about the (more…)

New bill on medical personnel: what is to expect for nurses and paramedics in caseif passed?

As we have already reported, the bill providing for a significant liberalization of hiring conditions for not only doctors and dentists educated outside the EU, but also nurses, has been submitted to the Seimas of Poland. It concernsparamedics and nurses. (more…)

Forms of employment of a doctor in Poland: either a civil contract or an employment one?

The Polish medical community is actively discussing the forms of employment of doctors. The fact is that the working conditions in case of a civil contract differ from those of employment one. Let’s dive into when one or the other (more…)

Now postgraduate training for a doctor-foreigner has the same conditions as for citizens of Poland

The Polish Government and the Seimas seriously intend to solve the problem of personnel shortage in the health care system. Therefore, if you are a doctor and are thinking about the possibility of professional immigration to Poland, then do not (more…)

Required theoretical training courses during the postgraduate internship: disciplines, payment, examinations

Postgraduate training is a prerequisite for obtaining the right to practice medicine in Poland. We have already talked about the interview with the management of the clinic, which provides places for postgraduate training for foreign doctors; under what conditions doctors (more…)

What is the attitude of Polish doctors to their foreign collegues?

Doctors from the countries of the former USSR often ask the question: how do our Polish colleagues treat us? We decided to prepare a series of publications on this topic so that our readers understand all the positive and negative (more…)

Next year university in Białystok will conduct the last nostrification exam

More and more doctors from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia are thinking about continuing their professional careers in the EU. Poland remains one of the most popular EU countries among doctors. Meanwhile, the global crisis, including the COVID-19 pandemic, is making (more…)

How often is it possible to take and re-take exams to obtain the permit to work as a doctor in Poland?

Unfortunately, not all the attempts are successful the first time. Today we will tell you how soon you can try your hand after an unsuccessful result. Examination in NIL – medical Polish. It should be noted that the exam has (more…)

On what terms is the obligatory quarantine payed?

He can count on receiving benefits with a mandatory 14-day quarantine on the basis of Art. 92 of the Labour Code: an employee who has a compulsory health insurance contract; a contractor who entered into a voluntary health insurance contract; (more…)
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