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The First Aid Kits procured by the HELP UKRAINE! Project are Ready to Reach Out the Armed Forces of Ukraine


The First Aid Kits procured by the HELP UKRAINE! Project are Ready to Reach Out the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Any war is bloodshed, which kills, wounds, and injures people. The toll of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine opposing the rashist besiegers in the sake of the freedom and independence, is lost lives, and damaged health. The medical care is the second biggest military concern. Its prompt and professional provision using medicines, medical tools, materials, and the disposals may save thousands of lives.

Serhii Ostrovskyi, the head of the HELP UKRAINE! Project got such request on the medical help from Olha Haidash – the doctor in Zaporizhzhia, during her vacation in Warsaw. Olha is an ophthalmologist and a volunteer of the Myloserdia Ta Turbota Charitable Organization in Zaporizhzhia. Since the beginning of the war, Olha Haidash has been an eager volunteer. The frontline of the battles crosses Zaporizhzhia, which is in seizure up to 70% of the region, facing severe battles. Olha knew about the lack of medicines and supplies there due to her work activity and the insights from her colleagues. She persevered in it.

She and the Panevins couple, her friends, Viktoriia and Roman, started handling the first-aid kits from the available in Zaporizhzhia humanitarian aid medicine. Medicines are not food)), its way more harder to buy them. To turn the pharmacy kit into the first aid kit helping the wounded on the front line, one need to add a lot to the paracetamol and ibuprofen in it. Medical volunteers applied their knowledge and began to form tactical military-style first aid kits of IFAK1 and IFAK2 levels using all the available items delivered as the aid.

When the drugs were out of stock, the volunteers would replenish them at their own expense. Yet it became a depleted source in a while, and Olha addressed the Polish project for help. The HELP UKRAINE! Project under the European Education and Medicine Development Foundation “EUROMED” responded to a request on the first-aid kits for paramedics to save the Ukrainian military. Zaporizhzhia received the necessary medicines (painkillers, haemostatic, disinfecting, antipyretic, fast antibiotics, eye drops, as well as drugs for diabetes, hypertensive and gastrointestinal patients) and supplies (surgical kits, sterile kits for medical care, a disinfectant, the anti-burn wipes and other essential items against wounds).

“We are amazed how prompt the response was”, Olha Haidash said. “After agreeing upon the list of medicines and materials, we received them in two days! Meanwhile, the project coordinators at EUROMED undertook the responsibility of the aid delivery across the border to Ukraine. Aid reached out in hands of very those waiting for it in Zaporizhzhia”.

Olha and her colleague Viktoriia are the angels of the military health stuff at the Zaporizhzhia front line, the angels for its female part consisting 70% of all engaged in the war zone. Their volunteering fellows out there worry about them. Olha says they often donate hygiene products, seasonal clothing and footwear (summer T-shirts, berets, etc.) to the frontline health servants. The volunteers also deliver to them kids’ drawings with words of gratitude and best wishes, to cheer up their fighting spirit, as well as that of the soldiers. Olha’s call sign is Angel for her kind heart and active volunteering. She is proud of such an honour and labels each packed first aid kit with an angel sticker.

Zaporizhzhia volunteers and Olha Haidash sincerely hope for further collaboration with the HELP UKRAINE! Project, as, unfortunately, the war in Ukraine continues. Therefore, we address all the sponsors and donators to join us and provide any bearable help.

Help Ukraine! Be a winner like Ukraine!

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