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MBA (Master of Business Administration) qualification is recognized all over the world and corresponds to the highest level of professional postgraduate education in the field of management. The MBA course offered by the EUROMED Foundation is a unique educational program of a module type that has been developed and adapted with due consideration to the peculiarities of the local medical market, as well as the specifics of the management and reform of the healthcare system.

The program is developed for:

  • officials who hold senior positions in healthcare management departments;
  • heads of public healthcare institutions, their deputies, heads of departments and branches, structural divisions (including applicants for these positions);
  • heads of private medical institutions and department managers of private medical centers and clinics, as well as pharmaceutical companies;
  • top managers of the healthcare system.
The program allows the participants to achieve practical skills for further career and professional growth within financial isolation and independence of medical organizations as separate business projects. Duration of the program: 232 hours Total period of study: 43 calendar days Place of study: Warsaw, Poland

Cost of the program:

  • Registration fee: EUR 200
  • Full course of study: EUR 2370

The price includes:

  • individual and collective visits;
  • advice on visa issues;
  • information and documentary support when opening a visa;
  • invitation to open a Schengen multiple entry visa for 1 year;
  • accompanying the supervisor on the territory of Poland;
  • interpreter services;
  • “Old Town” excursion in Warsaw;
  • SIM-card of the mobile operator in Poland.
Language of training: mixed. Classes are held in Polish and Russian. During the training, a qualified interpreter helps the participants. Resulting document: international MBA certificate, valid in the EU countries. Area of expertise: MBA in Healthcare (MBA w Ochronie Zdrowia).

Structure of MBA program:

I. INITIAL MODULE. Introduction.

Duration: 70 hours. Topics:
  • Current healthcare systems (healthcare management in the EU and other countries).
  • Economics for healthcare system managers.
  • Fundamentals of healthcare formation management.
  • Financial accounting and management.
  • Fundamentals of strategic management in healthcare.
  • Making decisions. Critical assessment of the situation.
  • The background of “Change Management”.
  • Marketing management and PR in the field of health.
  • Lean management in the healthcare system.
  • Human resources management in healthcare institutions.
  • Quality control of healthcare system services.
  • Project management of the healthcare system.
  • Psychology in healthcare system management.
  • Organization of general management. CEO. Inspection points.


Duration: 24 hours. Topics:
  • Management of the healthcare system in Poland and Ukraine (Belarus, Russia, Asian countries).
  • Rights of patients, medical errors. Rules and principles of investigation for lawsuits on medical mistakes.
  • Legal aspects of medical work in accordance with the laws of the healthcare system.
  • Legal and organizational background for entities engaged in medical work.
  • Modern healthcare systems. Healthcare management in several EU countries: comparison, analysis.
  • Fundamentals of public healthcare and legal policy in the field of health.
  • Medical records and medical data protection.

III. SPECIALIZED MODULE. Financial management in healthcare institutions.

Duration: 24 hours. Topics:
  • Principles of financing and accounting for healthcare services in Poland (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Asian countries).
  • Income and expenses in a healthcare institution.
  • Cost build-up of medical services.
  • Legal aspects: signing of agreements and settlement of contracts for the provision of healthcare. Insurance medicine.
  • Coordinated care: consolidation and integration of healthcare.
  • Debts in the healthcare system (insurance medicine).
  • Incomes and costs in the healthcare system: economic analysis.
  • Tools for rendering healthcare services.
  • EBM (evidence-based medicine) and pharmacoeconomics are effective tools for managing healthcare institutions.
  • Drug policy of the state, supervision of the use of medicines in the hospital.
  • Rate fixing of medical benefits.
  • Strategic planning in healthcare.
  • Healthcare sector needs.
  • Public-private partnership in the healthcare sector.
  • Key aspects of healthcare system approaches assessment.
  • Managing changes in healthcare.

IV. SPECIALIZED MODULE. Management methods and techniques involved in healthcare institutions.

Duration: 24 hours. Topics:
  • Organizational culture: patterns.
  • Organizational culture: identification and improvement.
  • Organizational culture. Leadership – new management methods.
  • Communication in the healthcare system.
  • Data exchange in the healthcare system.
  • Conflict management. Conflicts and negotiations in medical institutions.
  • Conflict management. Seminar on “Negotiations”.
  • Compliance in the healthcare system.
  • Compliance of the medical institution: the prospect of a doctor-manager.
  • Result management: either value or quality.
  • Result management: activity supervision.
  • Results management: financial supervision.
  • Financial sources: strategic financial partner.
  • Financial sources: medical community on the stock exchange.
  • Financial sources: attracting investors.
  • Strategic planning: hospitals and their development plan.
  • Strategic planning: service.
  • Organizational structure: development of medical services.
  • Organizational structure: best relations and management structure.
  • Organizational structure: the division of medical managers.
  • Corporate information: Benchmarking as a source of management decisions.
  • Information management: IT and informational structure.
  • Knowledge and skills inspection.

V. SPECIALIZED MODULE. The practice of managing the healthcare system at the level of local government.

Duration: 40 hours. Topics:
  • Public healthcare at the level of institutions of territorial management.
  • Healthcare policy planning.
  • Healthcare system at the local and regional levels.
  • Rights and responsibilities of local governments in the field of health. Patterns of competencies and practice of healthcare services of healthcare institutions at local and regional levels.
  • Risk management: demographic and epidemiological segments at the regional level, functioning tools.
  • Strategic management in healthcare. Strategic planning at the local and regional levels.
  • Prevention tasks: planning and implementing preventive policies in the field of self-government.
  • Organizational and legal rules of healthcare institutions. Organizational patterns of rendering medical services.
  • Restructuring procedures. Organizational and proprietary transformations. The role of the constituent body.
  • Monitoring of healthcare institutions through a constituent body.
  • Management of fixed assets.
  • Phraseology of the English language in the field of healthcare management.

VI. SPECIALIZED MODULE. Restructuring the branches of healthcare system.

Duration: 40 hours. Topics:
  • Functioning patterns of healthcare institutions in Poland and abroad.
  • Transformation of public healthcare.
  • Preparation of the transformation process.
  • Social determinants of healthcare transformation.
  • Legal elements of the transformation of independent public health.
  • Transformations in the healthcare system under state control.
  • Restructuring plan.
  • Legal procedures within the transformations.
  • Phraseology of the English language in the field of financial management of the healthcare system.


Duration: 10 hours. Topics:
  • Strategic management in the healthcare system.
  • Analysis of various systems for management decisions.
  • Feedback.
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