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Program number 1: General introductory course for surgical doctors.

Program No.1: General introduction course for surgical doctors.

  • anesthesiologists-resuscitators;
  • traumatologists and orthopedists;
  • otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists;
  • interns;
  • students of medical universities.
Duration: 5 working days. Program aim: general introduction.

PART No. 1 Military injuries:

  • Modern gunshot wounds, their features and consequences.
  • The main goals of treatment of gunshot injuries.
  • Surgical and traumatological care for gunshot wounds, depending on the type of the attacking weapon (fragments, bullets, mine-blast wave, etc.).
  • The structure of the frequency of wounds by localization. The severity of injury. Stages of surgical processing. Anesthesia procedures at the prehospital stage (in the field).
  • Factors fixing the severity of gunshot wounds.

PART No. 2 Military injuries:

Features of polytraumas, such as burdens, development of complications, percent of diagnostic errors due to neglecting of clinical symptoms in combination injuries.
  • Use of vacuum systems for wound sealing.
  • Traumatopathy in acute and long-term periods.
  • X-ray signs of complicated traumatopathy injuries, CT and MRI
  • Types of motor disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Treatment of patients with traumatic shock.
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