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Center for Hearing and Speech “Medincus”


Center for Hearing and Speech “Medincus”

The Center of Hearing and Speech “Medincus” is a medical institution that offers highly qualified services in the field of: otolaryngology, audiology, phoniatrics, rehabilitation, audiology, psychology, physiotherapy, biomedical engineering.

We are talking about diagnostic examinations, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases of hearing, voice, speech and balance, treatment of breathing difficulties, hearing prosthetics and selling hearing aids, diagnosing hearing implants at an angle, hearing and speech rehabilitation.

The center also offers a unique therapy, during which the Multimodal Sensory Perception (SPS) Stimulator is used. This is a treatment of diseases of the central processes of the auditory perception (CAPD), which are interrelated with various difficulties, including deviations in articulation, difficulties at school or communication problems.

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Center for Hearing and Speech
Center for Hearing and Speech


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