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Vinnytsia National Medical University. NI Pirogova


Vinnytsia National Medical University. NI Pirogova

At the university, the dental and pharmaceutical faculties are organized and equipped with modern faculty, 10 new departments are opened at the medical, pharmaceutical, dental faculties and the faculty of postgraduate training.

According to many performance indicators, in the ratings of the Ministry of Health (MoH) of Ukraine, the university has for many years been leading. The educational institution implements the developed development concept according to which its infrastructure, the organization of the educational process, human resources, the level of specialist training, scientific and medical diagnostic work, the material base and international relations comply with industry standards for higher education and the requirements of the Regulation on the national university. By order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the university was recognized as the basic one for the development and implementation of a credit-module system for organizing the educational process based on the provisions of the Bologna Declaration. In this regard, the necessary educational and methodological base has been developed and first-year training of medical faculties No. 1 and No. 2 has begun. Over the past 4-5 years, the President of Ukraine, the Chairman of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, the Ministers of Education and Health, the President of the National Academy of Medical Sciences Of Ukraine, Chairman of the Commission of the Supreme Council of Ukraine on Health.

Forms of study – full-time and part-time. 6 faculties are functioning: two medical (No. 1 and No. 2) – training is being carried out on the specialties of medical business, pediatrics, medical psychology; Dental – specialty dentistry; pharmaceutical – specialties pharmacy and clinical pharmacy; The faculty of postgraduate education is represented by various forms of postgraduate training in 53 specialties. Extramural training of pharmacists is organized at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

University employees collaborate with educational institutions, pharmaceutical companies of 13 foreign countries on 9 international and 13 state programs, according to the concluded agreements, the university continues to cooperate with the following foreign educational institutions (Birmingham University – USA, Vanderbil University – USA, Franklin Pierce College, New Hampshire – USA, University of Limoges – France, Belgorod University – Russia, Russian State Medical University – Moscow, St. Petersburg rgsky State Medical University – Russia, Krasnoyarsk State Medical Academy – Russia and others). International scientific cooperation has also been established with the departments and laboratories of the medical faculties of universities in Poland, Russia, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Armenia, Austria, and the United Kingdom.

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Vinnytsia National Medical University. NI Pirogova
Vinnytsia National Medical University. NI Pirogova 2
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