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Arsen Richunskyi College of Medicine in Kremenets


Arsen Richunskyi College of Medicine in Kremenets

During its long history that began in 1940, the medical college has trained more than 7000 highly skilled paramedics, midwives and nurses.

At college work not only teachers with longstanding experience but also young talented professionals. 67% of them have the highest and first qualification category, and 49% have the title of senior lecturers. Two teachers have an academic degree. P. Mazur is a Candidate of Medical Science and L. Kravchuk is a Candidate of Biological Sciences. In this secondary medical school work 50 teachers who involved in scientific and research work. Arsen Richunskyi College of Medicine has very good conditions for study.

It offers for students new and modern auditoriums, сlassrooms for clinical disciplines, computer classes and library. Library has a spacious reading room that counts 30 seats and a big book collection that includes more than 30 000 copies.


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Arsen Richunskyi College of Medicine in Kremenets
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