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Vinnitsa Medical College acad. D.K. Zabolotnyj


Vinnitsa Medical College acad. D.K. Zabolotnyj

The College holds an honorary place in a number of well-known medical schools of Ukraine. Is a higher education institution with the right to carry out educational activities beyond the I-II levels of accreditation.

Conducts training of specialists in the specialties: orthopedic dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, medical, obstetric, laboratory diagnostics.

The college is located in 2 educational buildings, has a modern educational and material base, 2 student dormitories, there are 2 gyms with simulators, there are two canteens, 2 assembly rooms, a disco club with the necessary music and video equipment.

Takes part in projects

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Vinnitsa Medical College acad. D.K. Zabolotnyj

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