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Internship as a logopedist in Poland

Logopedics is a specific profession, located at the intersection of phoniatrics, otolaryngology, psychology and other areas. Among those who want to enroll in the education as a logopedist in Poland, there is traditionally a high competition because this specialization opens up the widest job opportunities: from ordinary hospitals and clinics to various children’s educational institutions, acting and public speaking courses. Also, many already established specialists would like to undergo the logopedist qualification advancement in Poland. The Euromed Foundation is systematically working on the development of special educational programs, including for such specialists.

Euromed Foundation Programs for specialty “Logopedics”

For all those planning the training as a logopedist in Poland, the Euromed Foundation offers targeted special trips during vacations in order to familiarize themselves with the work of doctors of specialty of interest and the health care system as a whole. For senior courses of domestic medical universities, the Fund offers a summer practice in Poland which will be officially offset at the university in the homeland.

What will students learn during medical practice and trips to hospitals in Poland:

  • on the functioning of the Polish health care system;
  • on the equipment used in Polish medical institutions;
  • on the job duties of Polish doctors;
  • on the possibilities of enrolling in medical specialties in Poland for foreigners;
  • on the procedure of medical qualification confirmation in Poland.

The Foundation also provides comprehensive assistance to working doctors who intend to increase their level and get a chance to work in Europe. Specially for them, the logopedist advanced qualification courses in Poland are held, as well as seminars and trainings.

The program for logopedists includes:

  • General acquaintance with the current standards of Polish and European medicine.
  • Learning of the job responsibilities of Polish doctors, the organizational structure of hospitals and outpatient clinics.
  • Learning of the medical equipment used by highly specialized experts.
  • Learning of the methods of diagnostics, treatment, recovery.
  • Gaining of knowledge and skills necessary for diploma confirmation.

Internship as a logopedist in Poland – how to get there

We offer everyone for whom the above tasks are relevant to leave an application on the website – our managers will contact you, answer your questions, select an individual program based on your employment and wishes.

Relevant for most our compatriots nuance: participation in all the Euromed programs is possible without any knowledge of Polish language. The Foundation’s programs are implemented under the patronage of our supervisor, who provides simultaneous translation from Polish for participants who cannot speak Polish. That is why all program participants that arrived in Poland can both talk with their Polish medical colleagues and fully understand the highly specialized information.

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