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Internship as a dermatologist in Poland

Dermatology is a broad specialization, because the intervention of a dermatologist is required for very many diseases, and skin disorders are the first sign of many allergic, venereal, gastrointestinal and other diseases. Therefore, the training as a dermatologist in Poland is definitely a demanded specialty and a chance for employment in Europe. Similar prospects await those who will undergo the advanced dermatologist qualification in Poland, and the Euromed Foundation will help to solve organizational issues.

Euromed Foundation Programs for specialty “Dermatology”

For those who plan to train as a dermatologist in Poland, the Foundation offers short-term, highly specialized trips with the opportunity to see firsthand the work of doctors of the chosen specialization. For senior students of medical universities who have decided on their specialization, a practice in Poland can be organized during the summer holidays, which will officially be offset at the main place of study in the homeland.

What can students learn during medical practice and trips to hospitals in Poland:

  • on the work of the health care system;
  • on the diagnostic and medical equipment used;
  • on the official duties of Polish doctors;
  • on the possibilities of enrollment in Polish medical universities for foreign citizens;
  • on the possibilities of confirmation of a medical diploma in Poland.

A good option for working doctors is the short-term dermatologist advanced qualification courses in Poland, participation in seminars and trainings. That way, you will receive a maximum of new knowledge in a minimum period of time.

The program for dermatologists includes:

  • Acquaintance with the current standards of European medicine.
  • Step-by-step learning of the official duties of Polish doctors.
  • Acquaintance with the organization structure of hospitals and outpatient clinics.
  • Learning of the medical equipment used in Polish hospitals.
  • Technologies for diagnostic research, treatment, rehabilitation.
  • Gaining knowledge for future diploma confirmation.

Internship as a dermatologist in Poland – how to get there

All those for whom these tasks are relevant – please leave an application through the form on Our managers will contact you, consult and select an internship taking into account your employment and other individual wishes.

Important: participation in all the offered Euromed programs is possible without any knowledge of Polish language. The Foundation’s programs are implemented under the patronage of our supervisor, who provides simultaneous translation from Polish for participants who cannot speak Polish. That is why all program participants can both talk freely with their Polish medical colleagues and fully receive all the highly specialized information.

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