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Internship as a rehabilitation therapist in Poland

Rehabilitation is a promising area in medicine, which is gaining more importance and content with each day, so the training as a rehabilitation therapist in Poland can open up the huge professional opportunities. Another option is the completion of internships or the rehabilitation therapist qualification advancement in Poland, which raises your chances of getting a medical practice in European countries. In any case, you can count on the support of the Euromed Foundation, which will select the program for you that to the fullest extent possible solves your current tasks.

Foundation Programs for specialty “Rehabilitation”

The Euromed Foundation offers programs in 2 areas: for students (mainly undergraduates) of medical universities and colleges, and practicing doctors. For students who are interested in the training as a rehabilitation therapist in Poland, Euromed will offer a variety of information trips on vacations for several days and a full medical practice in the summer.

What will students learn during trips and practices at Polish hospitals:

  • how the hospitals in Poland are equipped;
  • how the Polish health care system works;
  • what are the details of the work of Polish rehabilitation therapists;
  • enrollment in a Polish medical university;
  • procedure of confirmation a medical diploma obtained in other states.

For already working doctors, the Euromed Foundation offers the rehabilitation therapist qualification advancement courses in Poland, and participation in specialized seminars and trainings. There is also a real opportunity to take part in scientific conferences and symposiums, including as speakers.

Program for rehabilitation therapists includes:

  • Acquaintance with the work of Polish doctors.
  • Learning of the current standards of Polish and European medicine.
  • Learning of the medical equipment used for rehabilitation.
  • Learning of the advanced rehabilitation technologies.
  • Structure of the Polish health care.
  • Exchange of practical medical experience.
  • Gaining knowledge and preparation for work in the European Union countries.

Internship as a rehabilitation therapist in Poland – how to get there

We invite everyone who is interested in real European prospects to leave a preliminary application on the Foundation website. We will call you back in a short time, consult in detail, select the best program for you. We will clarify that all internships conducted in Poland for foreigners are organized at certified state medical institutions according to an individually drawn up plan under the patronage of a supervisor.

Please note that the obligatory knowledge of Polish language is not required for participation, because any Foundation program organized by us involves supervision by the Foundation’s representative, who is proficient in Polish. Our supervisor and translator provides simultaneous translation during the entire program, that is why participants can both communicate with their Polish medical colleagues on general topics and master highly specialized medical knowledge.

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