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Medical Education in Poland for Ukrainians


The Euromed Foundation invites you to receive a medical specialist diploma recognized in Europe. Medical education in Europe is the most up-to-date knowledge, innovative technologies and skills of their implementation in everyday medical practice. The Euromed Foundation supports Ukrainian youth seeking medical education abroad, in particular in Eastern Europe.

Medical education abroad

Medical education in Poland for Ukrainians is a chance to meet European educational requirements in medicine, to get acquainted with the European health care system, European standards of medical care for the population. In order to facilitate the integration of Ukrainian medical workers into the European health care system, the Foundation has developed special programs that allow them to obtain medical education in Poland and a double diploma in various specializations.

Medical education in Poland for Ukrainians under the “Double Degree” program

The project is designed for students studying medicine in Ukraine and considering the prospect of working abroad. The project participants receive medical education in Poland in parallel with training at a medical college in Ukraine. This is a modular training system that includes Skype training, lectures by Polish teachers at the educational institution-partner of the program, and the departure of Ukrainian students to Warsaw to listen to lectures at a medical school and practice in medical institutions in Poland.

The specialization “Medical guardian” and the specialty “Technician of medical sterilization” are available. The training is designed for one year, i.e. for two semesters. You can join the project at any stage (course) of your studies. In addition to knowledge of the specialty, students study Polish with a bias in medical terminology. This is necessary because lectures in Warsaw are delivered in Polish. Interpreter services are provided when visiting Poland for the first time.

Colleges participating in the “Double Degree” project:

Students who have fully completed double diploma program », receive Polish state diplomas with a special Europass mark, which gives the right to work in the EU countries. Medical education abroad in Europe is a simplified integration into a common European family on an equal footing. Do, study, work like a European!

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