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Holy Family Hospital and Medicine in Poland

Holy Family Hospital and Medicine in Poland

Modern medicine in Poland is at a very high level. This was confirmed by Ukrainian doctors and students who visited the obstetric-gynecological hospital of the Holy Family in the capital of Poland. The activities of the Euromed Foundation and the proposed programs have allowed doctors to share experience in the field of modern obstetrics and gynecology. The fund for the period 2015-2016 has already helped over 350 specialists to attend such events. It is worth noting that such study tours to Polish hospitals are very important for the process of exchange of experience between states, as well as familiarization with the organization of the activities of Polish hospitals and outpatient services.

The hospital management conducted excursions for specialists from Ukraine at the hospital departments of interest to them.

Neonatologists got acquainted with the maternity hospital, the Division of pathology of the newborn, the Division of premature babies and intensive care.
A group of obstetrician-gynecologists and an anesthetist were invited to observe the operation.

At the end of the visit, Ukrainian doctors managed to get acquainted with the work of the Hospital Clinic and the Central Sterilization Department.
Polish colleagues answered a lot of questions of visitors regarding the activities of the hospital. Internships for doctors from Ukraine in Poland are very popular. Specialists from various branches of medicine, students and the administrative apparatus share their experiences with Polish specialists.

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