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The living and future generations of Ukrainians are the targets of food terrorism of Russia


The living and future generations of Ukrainians are the targets of food terrorism of Russia

Ukraine has been called the breadbasket of the world. Its fertile soil, hardworking people, advanced agricultural technologies, and innovative agricultural machinery made the country a leader in food production. Moreover, fully covering the domestic market, a chernozem-rich country has been the world’s fourth-largest exporter of cereals while supplying a sixth of the world’s wheat flow for the past 15 years.

Today, due to the Russian attacks, the food security of Ukraine is threatened. The military aggression of the Russian Federation is targeted at the annihilation of Ukrainians and the disruption of the country’s economy, which has affected all areas of production and is so huge that can be called food terrorism. As the world history saw, the war that was one of the main causes of famine.

The Ukrainians, who have lost their homes, jobs, and income, are on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. The food shortage is especially acute in the occupied regions, where the Rashists are atrocious and looting. Often, clean drinking water is hard to find there, let alone food. The communities in the hot spots are being threatened constantly, while malnutrition is also a problem for those who survived bombing and shelling.

Women, children, and the elderly are those who suffered the most while losing their homes in Ukraine. Such vulnerable categories are the target of the Russian deadly sting.

According to the World Health Organization, malnutrition is especially dangerous for expectant mothers and their children. Malnutrition during pregnancy causes growth retardation, which also may be diagnosed in newborns and children under two years of age when they do not get the proper amount of nutrients. Growth retardation has damaging consequences. Even if the food supplies improve and nutrition comes to normal for the mother and her child, growth retardation will negatively affect the health of the last, and hence, the future generation of Ukrainians as a whole. According to WHO statistics, people who are malnourished in early childhood are doomed to dysfunction of the heart and kidney, leading to a significant reduction in quality of life and early mortality. In addition, such children are at risk of impaired brain development, and a higher risk of infection. Malnutrition in adults leads to depression, anxiety, and function suppression of the organs.

The invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of Ukraine is the most difficult time in its history. In the light of such events and facts, it is hard to exaggerate the importance of humanitarian support to Ukraine from the world community. In particular, the HELP UKRAINE! Project under the European Foundation for the Development of Medicine and Education EUROMED arranged more than fifteen tons of humanitarian aid to deliver to Ukraine. According to the initiator and project manager Serhii Ostrovskyi, food products account for more than 80% of the humanitarian cargo sent by volunteers of this project to Ukraine.

“We understand that bringing food to people is the first priority. Therefore, we buy products of proper quality, containing sufficient nutrients to maintain the adults and especially children, Serhii Ostrovskyi assured. – For kids, we buy baby food, diapers, and hygiene products. We also deliver to Ukraine canned fish and meat, pasta, cereals, sweets – all that is provided by the Polish supporters.”

The humanitarian aid is procured in Poland by the HELP UKRAINE! Volunteers under the European Foundation for the Development of Medicine and Education funding. The project aims to attract donators and sponsors.

Head of the HELP UKRAINE! Project by EUROMED Serhii Ostrovskyi, and our team address sponsors and donators to join us to provide the bearable help.

Help Ukraine! Be a winner like Ukraine!

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