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International Student Conference – 2020
«The EU Health System»

(the case of Poland)

Dates: March 15–17, 2020
Venue: Warsaw, Republic of Poland
Participants: third-six-year student of Ukrainian medical universities
Cost: free!
Conditions for participation: Registration. Seats are limited!
Deadline: 10.02.2020
Result: International Medical Conference Participant Certificate

The measures concerned with management and transformation of the EU health system are among the most urgent and strategically important challenges. The analysis and research of the ongoing issues we are facing in the sector are inevitable stages for its improvement. The patients’ view, besides all, greatly influences the decision-making on the future adaptation of the health system. According to the data of the social poll in the leading EU countries, the most of the respondents are optimistic about it as more than 80% of them are convinced in higher minimum health care service speed and its quality by 2022. 70% of the respondents believe their health care bills will be reduced.

Obligatory public health insurance is an important factor of the EU health system, the main tasks of which are providing overall availability and a high performance of health services and their better quality as well as an efficient use of the resources available. All the above is going hand to hand with better funding of health protection according to the implementing policy of the state health officials, in order to improve public health and welfare.

Ukraine is experiencing the transformation stage in the health sector. Its legislation aimed at the EU health system and ongoing reality in the sector could be seen as the Transformation Era. Will it be a renaissance? Will be the ultimate goals of the reformers reached? How long will the transformation take and what will it cost?

The next challenge is transformation of the internship and implementing residency as a final stage of certification of a health care technician. According to the data of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, there are 154 thousand students in higher and comprehensive medical schools in Ukraine. Those students are immediate participants in the changes initiated by the government. Thus, their multiple questions concerning all the implementations and, as the outcome, their future, are completely legitimate. They need answers, the clues from those who completed that complex path of updates and changes.

The EU Health System (the case of Poland) International Student Conference – 2020, organized for the students of higher medical schools in Ukraine, will become the ground for such discussions.

During the conference, the participants will discover:

  • the health system structure in Europe (the case of Poland);
  • how the health insurance works, what are the benefits and deficiencies of it;
  • how the health sector is improving and being transformed in Poland;
  • what is the health education in Europe (all the different stages of the education of the health technician through his or her qualification process starting from a fresher up to a certified expert in the field);
  • what are the standards of expertise for doctors and paramedics as well as for provision of the technical equipment for health services in Europe.

The participants of the conference will visit the structural subdivisions of one of the leading clinics in Warsaw:

  • health center and reception;
  • drugstore;
  • laboratory and diagnostic center;
  • in-patient and surgery departments;
  • central sterilization department.

Besides, the participants of the conference will have the opportunity to address their questions to their European colleagues and speakers during their stay in Poland.

* The brief plan of the visit:

Day 1 – arrival, check-in, excursion along the Warsaw “The Old city”.
Day 2 – excursion to the structural subdivisions of the clinic, the speakers’ presentations.
Day 3 – the speakers’ presentations, the question-answer panel, awarding the certificates, departure.

* All participants will be provided with the detailed plan of the event after their registration is complete.

The hosts of the conference provide the participants with:

  • a guiding interpreter;
  • support and consultation on daily setting ups in Poland;
  • coffee-breaks during the conference;
  • an expert-guided tour through the Warsaw;
  • the information and offers about accomodation, in case of need.


Each participant of the conference may request for a report presentation.
The time limit is 15 minutes.
Please, send us the applications with indicated topic of the presentation to the e-mail:

The applications are accepted ONLY FROM REGISTERED applicants!

The additional information may be requested via call
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