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The new law in motion: what shall doctors and dentists do to get entitled to start professional practice in Poland?


The new law in motion: what shall doctors and dentists do to get entitled to start professional practice in Poland?

The step-by-step instructions have appeared on the website of the Ministry of Health of Poland, giving clarification on how a doctor employee with no language test passed and no nostrification can get a job in Poland, according to the new legislation system on employment of doctor expats in Poland introduced to simplify the process.

Who are eligible for the new regulations?

Any person, regardless of nationality, who has obtained the qualifications of a doctor or a dentist outside the territory of the EU Member States, is eligible for new regulations, if he/she has:

  1. Completed higher education in the field of Medicine or Dentistry; the duration of study must be at least 5 years.
  2. The degree of MD / Dentist, which is stated in the diploma.
  3. The available certificate from a Polish healthcare institution where doctor is to be employed.
  4. At least 3 years’ experience as practicing technician or dentist, obtained during the 5 years immediately preceding the moment of employment.

How to resolve the issue and what documents to submit?

  1. One must apply to the employing medical facility in Poland and get a certificate providing the information required as to the new Law.
  2. Submit signed application to the Minister of Health filled in according to the example template on the website of the Ministry of Health.

Requirements to be met on documents:

  • Attach translations of documents made by a sworn translator from your native language into Polish.
  • The original documents are submitted for application. The copies are only accepted when their conformity with the original is certified by a Polish notary or the consul.

Processing of documents

Considering the documents included and the resolution of the national / voivodship consultant, the Minister of Health gives his consent to entitle a doctor for professional practice in Poland or denies it, what is to be referred as his final resolution.

If you are accepted, contact the district medical council of the employing facility to get the right to practice issued.

If you are denied, you have 14 days to re-apply. Send your application to the Ministry of Health.

For your notice!

  • According to the above rules, the right to practice can be granted for a period not exceeding 5 years with no possibility to extend.
  • Having obtained the right to practice as to the new Law, you can only work in a medical institution specified in the resolution of the Ministry of Health.
  • You will be running medical services for 1 year under the supervision of a senior appointed by the head of the facility.
  • The District Medical Council will remove you from the register of doctors once it receives information on the termination of your employment contract, which, in turn, terminates your legal permission to practice.

Good to know

By working accordingly with the above, as a qualified non-EU expat you will be able to:

  • to proceed with the approving of your diploma at one of the universities in Poland or
  • to pass a verification exam conducted by the Medical Examination Center,
  • to complete a postgraduate internship
  • to pass final medical examination

Complying with all the requirements will allow you to obtain a license to practice as a doctor or dentist.

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