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Internship in the Center of Oncology


Internship in the Center of Oncology

On December 10-15th 2017 a week internship of an otolaryngologist took place at The Maria Skłodowska-Curie Institute of Oncology in Warsaw. The program of the internship comprises the total viewing of the working process in this field by the doctor in the Clinic of Neoplasms of Head and Neck of the center above.

The doctor from the Ukraine had a possibility to get to know peculiarities of working technics intended for the examination of the throat fibroscopy. In addition, two days of internship were allocated to attend operations: removal of the parotid salivary gland, removal of basal cell skin cancer followed by skin grafting, removal of other minor skin changes, and a visit to a prolonged operation under a microscope – a radial skin flap transplant (the so-called “Chinese flap) on an oncologic patient to reconstruct the surface of the nose after removal of the nasal concha.

Apart from the operations the doctor from the Ukraine took part in practical cancer consulting, got to know with the process of admittance of the patients who are to be diagnosed, furthermore those ones who are to be examined after having treatment in the center.

Having studied the structure organization of the hospital the doctor got to know the work of rehabilitation department at Oncology center. The internship participant was quite surprised with the scale of the working process and many folded approach of the doctors to the duties in the department. They do all their best to restore the patients’ health after surgery as well as radiation and chemotherapy procedures. On December 15th the doctor was given a certificate which is a proof of her internship in one of the biggest and famous Oncology Center in Central Easten Europe.

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