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Are you a pharmacist aiming to pursue your occupation in Poland? you can do it even easier than it seems


Are you a pharmacist aiming to pursue your occupation in Poland? you can do it even easier than it seems

Recently, the Polish Pharmaceutical Chamber held a language test for pharmacists applying for the right to obtain a license for pharmaceutical activity. We talked to the successfully passed participants and picked some useful tips.

In fact, it is easier that it might seem to pass the nostrification and the language tests. Pharmacists are supposed to follow three essential steps:

  • The Nostrification exam.
  • An optional six-month internship in a pharmacy (Attention! Not all the universities issuing a nostrification certificate provide internship. For some it is not required and the applicant is obtained nostrification certificate immediately on passing the test.
  • Language test at the Polish Pharmaceutical Chamber.

The Nostrification is conducted either as spoken (Warsaw) or written (Wrocław) test, depending on a university. We are going to look through the procedure for nostrification of a Master’s degree in Pharmacy in more detail in our future publications.

An internship, as was mentioned, is optional. It depends on the university conducting tests and issuing certificates.

The University of Gdansk, as example, provide the applicant a half-year internship at a pharmacy to get him eligible for the nostrification certificate. Which is obviously good, because the applicant gets the opportunity to practice, which boosts his language skills and in its turn prepares for the language test. On the contrary, the Wrocław University issues a certificate immediately on successfully passing the test.

The language has several sections:

  • dictation,
  • listening,
  • reading,
  • speaking (a consultation to an imaginary visitor to the pharmacy).

The dictation is not so difficult according to the pharmacists passed the test. There are pharmaceutical topics: pills, capsules, solutions, etc. The dictation is revised by the examiner, and in case the applicant came up short in it, he is allowed to retake.

Passages from orders and other standard documents are used for listening. You need to listen carefully to the audio and answer a few test questions on it.

There are a short text on pharmaceutical topics and a few prescriptions for reading. Keep in mind, you are supposed to translate Latin into Polish.

Speaking as a consultation to an imaginary visitor is a simulated task. Let’s say, a visitor would come to a pharmacy with a stomach ache. The examiner as the patient supposing the applicant to ask him questions in order to prescribe the medication and make proper consultation for the treatment.

According to the Masters of Pharmacy successfully passed the language test, the examiners are very loyal, even more loyal to the counterparts who have good practical experience or have completed a six-month internship in Poland after passed the nostrification exam.

It must be noticed, the applicant is allowed to pass the language test only after obtaining the nostrification certificate. However, this is very useful, as while the Master of Pharmacy is getting ready for nostrification, he is studying the language at the same time, not only conversational but professional either.

We asked the Ukrainian pharmacists successfully passing all the stages what would they wish their colleagues aiming to work in Poland? Firstly, to set a goal, to believe in yourself, do not be afraid and get thoroughly prepared for nostrification. The language test seems quite easy after nostrification is done.

Master of Pharmacy in Poland is a very reputable occupation and very skill enriching. Almost every pharmacy in Poland has domestic treatment production. May we just say that, you have to work hard to obtain the license for practice in Poland, but it worth it, as our expat pharmacists working in Poland assure. After all, it is not gods who make pots.

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